I noticed that the best crypto-currency performers are coins that are innovative. Bitcoin (BTC) was the very first and had massive gains during its initial bull cycles.

In the last couple of bull cycles (since the launch of Ethereum (ETH)), Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin.

Cardano (ADA) may be the next revolutionary coin along with Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL). Revolutionary coins have massive gains in their initial bull cycles before growth eventually tapers off.

Apart from praising and thanking Jesus Christ for my life, I shall be spending my time discovering the next revolutionary coins/companies.

I minted a Harmony One token called Aardvark (Aard) a few days ago. The prices for minting and registering an LP are 1/100th of the cost of the Ethereum network.

I wanted to name the coin with a somewhat memorable name and I wanted a hard cap on the coin so it could be a store of value.

I had minted a Billion coins and put up 50% in a Liquidity Pool (LP) on the ViperSwap DEX.

I proceeded to advertise the token in the Harmony Street Bets on Telegram. I was told that I could be a rug puller…

I posted earlier that is a good time to enter DOT/Polkadot. That was a premature statement.

While the +DMI line is above the -DMI line in weekly charts of DOT. The ADX line is not inclining upwards.

While profits may be possible, it is more effective to wait for the ADX line to incline upwards. The ADX line indicates when an upward or downward movement in prices is strong.

XASB (Crypto-Assets of Steve Bayer) might as well be renamed to Assets Managed by Steve Bayer (AMSB?)

While my initial plan was to back the XASB token by buying other tokens the way a mutual fund buys stocks, I’ve decided against it as that is not the most profitable course of action.

I shall now be buying ETH, ADA and DOT according to when the charts I use say I should buy or sell such coins.

When the ADX indicator inclines upwards and the +DMI line is above the -DMI line is the time I buy ETH, ADA or DOT.

Now is a good time to buy DOT/Polkadot.

Looking at weekly charts, DOT has an entry signal.

While I’m not entirely sold on DOT as a promising technology, it has a strong chance to appreciate. While 1inch, XTZ, ETH are in the hold territory; DOT has just entered into buying territory with future entries of SUSHI, LINK, UNI and wBTC possible.

I can buy sDOT to add to XASB. I am finding it difficult to convince people to buy DOT. Anyone can buy currencies for themselves. …

I plan to buy wETH, wBTC, wDOT, wXTZ, LINK, 1inch, UNI, SUSHI and COMP from generated token sales of XASB.

It would be nice to buy some ADA as well once ADA builds a bridge to ETH thereby allowing the wrapping of their tokens.

The official XASB wallet address is currently empty: https://etherscan.io/address/0x34CDdA765708c3B0B853712C363eF411C0Fa2C52 (this may make it easier to take into account the assets that actually back XASB as my personal holdings have been taken out).

You can buy XASB on 1inch: https://app.1inch.io/#/1/limit-order/USDT/XASB

I’m not getting that much traction in my first week of launching a Crypto-Asset token (XASB) and an index of Crypto-Asset tokens (XDCI).

I learned some things but at a cost. AMMs are not a mystery to me any more. I know about the costs and investments involved now.

I may focus most of my money on the stock market unless I can get sales of my XASB token.

I may buy more LiquidBees until the stock market is available at a discount. I may not actually buy Crypto-Currency again due to the costs involved in moving BTC to my own wallet unless my token sells.

When Polygon/Matic launched their pseudo Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution, their coin (Matic) value shot up by over 50 times.

Today, Arbitrum, a proper Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum launched. Payment for transactions shall be done using LINK (ChainLink).

SushiSwap currently supports Arbitrum.

I highly recommend watching LINK price charts or even investing in Link today.

I shall be adding LINK to my XASB wallet holdings once sales of XASB have taken place on 1inch:


I plan to add LINK (ChainLink) to XASB holdings when I sell XASB tokens.

Link works on the Ethereum blockchain, Polkadot blockchain and Tezos blockchain.

When I sell XASB tokens, I shall also add wDOT and wXTZ tokens (in addition to ETH, wBTC, 1inch and Sushi) to my XASB holdings in wallet address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x34CDdA765708c3B0B853712C363eF411C0Fa2C52

Buy XASB here: https://app.1inch.io/#/1/limit-order/USDT/XASB

It came to my attention (thanks to https://www.reddit.com/user/Shmauzow/) on Reddit’s Ethereum sub-reddit that a token can be built with TokenSets that has pre-allocated tokens within that token.

Today, I created the XDCI (Diversified Coin Index) token on TokenSets.

I am currently limited to ERC-20 tokens that have a high liquidity on markets.

I have chosen wrapped Ether (wETH) instead of the original Ether as wETH conforms to Ethereum’s own ERC-20 standard while ETH does not. This may avoid issues in case TokenSets migrates to a blockchain other than Ethereum for its offerings.

You can buy XDCI using MetaMask (https://metamask.io/) on TokenSets: https://www.tokensets.com/v2/set/0x20207FBe2621669d74AC0BEe81128fC80196C682

Steve Bayer

ETF Investor

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